Tuesday, December 7, 2010

School Days

Today was my 2 year old boy Alex's first day of school. I was worried that we would not want to stay and scream and cry. So, we got there, found his cubby, hung up his coat and then went to visit the class bunny, Alex was not sure what to think of her, and clung to my skirt like velcro. But, then he found the train table and he was off and I was forgotten. I kissed him bye and he said, "ok, bye, see you later". The teachers said he had a wonderful day, very social and well behaved...they must have been talking about the wrong kid!
My little baby is growing up and I am beginning to feel a little obsolete and lost...


Melissa said...

ACK! That makes me want to cry for you! I can't decide what's better, our kids saying "bye, see ya" so we feel unneeded, or crying and clinging to us so we feel mean leaving them!

I'm glad he had such a good day though!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny to see how they act when we're not around? My son is a total rule follower at school - not at ALL the case at home, lol ;)