Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Supermom Never Had Two Boys

Worn Tuesday, December 29

Boots-Kenneth Cole/Jeans,Tank-Old Navy/Sweater-Gap

I hate having to take outfit photos inside...but it is too darn cold to trek out there during my lunch break!
I tried to put together an outfit today that would be functional for all the running around I had to do. Not sure I like it now that I see it in pictures...oh well, too late, better luck next time. Today was long...school drop off...work with Alex in tow...school pick up...babysitter...work...and back to the babysitter. I swear, supermom never had two little boys who like to have screaming contests in the car and she must have mainlines caffeine...


Melissa said...

I think you look adorable! Don't be so hard on yourself.

And I think you are MORE than supermom!!!

Lydia Marie said...

You look so cute and cozy! I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather so I can take more pics outside too!