Saturday, November 6, 2010


Worn Saturday, November 4

skirt-Zara/Sweater-ATL/Boots-Steve Madden
I really like the way this outfit came together. I was looking in my closet for a denim skirt,my two pencil skirts are getting too big, and I found this one that I bought last summer. Love the button details and the pockets. Another striped shirt also with some fun buttons on the sleeves. This was the first time I have worn tights since last winter....almost forgot how much I love them. I am pretty sure my pasty white legs are not going to make another appearance until the groundhog sees his shadow.
so, we went bra shopping...not very exciting to most, but to me it was a step in the right direction.
Oh...the title post...My favorite TV show of all time is ReGenesis...It was a Canadian Sci-fi. One of the main characters was Dr. David Sandstrom, played by peter Outerbridge. He has not been on American TV in a while, but he popped up while I was watcing Nikita on Tivo. I love Canadian Sci-Fi

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The Suburb Experiment said...

I loooove stripes. And I like the skirt and boots paired with it.