Friday, November 19, 2010

Friend Friday

Katy at Modly Chic poses questions to fellow bloggers for discussion each Friday.
Here is today's queries...
1. What are the 'unwritten rules' about coping content that we
bloggers should all abide by?
I guess I had never really thought about the whole coping issue until now. I think copying ideas for projects and photo shoots are ok, using them for inspiration.

2. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. But when it a
post imitation and when is it copying? I think it is copying when you see a project or an idea that another blogger has and you copy it directly saying it is your own and not crediting the original source

3. Taking another blogger's idea (perhaps for an outfit, or DIY
tutorial) is pretty common in the blogging world. Do you think it is
necessary to credit the original source? I definitely think you should credit the original source. When I wear an outfit inspired by one I saw on another blogger, I explain their inspiration and link back to their site. Or if I see a project that I want to do, I have no problem doing the same thing, as long as I reference them any give them credit.

4. How have you improved your blog by comparing it to other bloggers?
Have you made changes due to something you have seen others doing?
I think I have improved my blog by comparing it to others. I find inspiration of outfit ideas and design ideas from other bloggers. I would never copy word for word or exactly, but I do use other bloggers as a platform for ideas.

5. Have you ever had one of your posts copied by another blogger or
publication? How did you handle the situation?
Nope. Not sure I am "big" enough to be copied. If one of my outfits inspired another blogger, I would be honored!


Frances Joy said...

Great answers. I find so much inspiration from other bloggers, especially since I never read the fashion mags, but I always try to link back.

ClosetConfections said...

Great responses. It seems like everyone is pretty much in the same opinion when it comes to the copying issue.


gangsterpixiestyle said...

I agree. Great responses. And I think people inspire others without even knowing sometimes. :)

The Suburb Experiment said...

I haven't answered my friend friday questions yet but I'd pretty much say what you did. Maybe I should just link back to your post. Haha! :)


Becca [Free Honey] said...

I'm really interested in reading what all you gals have to say about this topic. Not to get down on our fashion blogging community, but there is a lot of same-ness out there! I think we could all benefit from an adopted set of unwritten rules re: copying content!