Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Liquor is Legal

Worn to Work Tuesday, August 17

Outfit #21 of 30

Today is finally the first day in a long time that it is not too not to handle outside. There is actually a breeze and low humidity!! Yeah!! SO, we decided to walk to the Waterfront Cafe for lunch...love working two blocks from the lake.

Skirt and Tank Top-Old Navy
Necklace-Dolly and Boy

I know some of these pieces are not from the original 30. The skirt is a replacement for another patterned skirt...the zipper got destroyed and I have not have had time to repair it. Also the shoes...well this morning while rushing out of the house I could not find my black wedges and Alex picked these out for me...he had good taste.


Melissa said...

This might be my favorite outfit of yours so far. The silhouette is great on you and that pink is such a nice color.

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