Monday, July 26, 2010


While I was editing today's outfit post I received a call from Chipotle telling me I had won the business card drawing. FREE LUNCH FOR AN OFFICE OF 10!!!!
First, I am so excited because I never win anything...but I enter everything...You could have a room of 20 people and 19 drawings for winners, and I would be the one that never wins. Second, I LOVE Chipotle!!!. they have a location right by my gym, so maybe twice a week I go there all sweaty after I workout to get a burrito...I am sure they love me there! Also, there is one a few blocks from my office that we frequent at least once a week.
So excited for burritos for lunch tomorrow!!! mmmm....guacamole!


Anonymous said...

SCORE! I developed a bad Chipotle addiction in my last pregnancy and I still go there at least twice a week for my veggie burrito bowl with lots of guac! YUM. Lucky girl!

Melissa said...

Yay! That's awesome! Congratulations! Chipotle is awesome. Your co-workers are going to LOVE you forever!

Haven said...

Know what I love the best about Chipotle? They're really picky about where they buy their meat. It has to be "humanely raised". To a vegetarian I'm sure that means nothing cuz it ends the same for the animal either way. But to me it matters that at least the animal lived a happy life before becoming a tasty burrito. And also I'm sure it's much, much better quality. Anyways, that's my spiel on Chipotle's awesomeness. :)