Sunday, August 18, 2013

Los Pantalones...

Pants-Gap/Sweater-Nordstrom's/Shoes-Old Navy/Jewelry-Target, H&M, Black Sheep

Pants-Gap/Top-H&M/Shoes-Target/Jewelry-F21, Macy's, Charming Charlie, Black Sheep

Just a few samples of how I have styled up pants for the cooler temps wee have been graced with these last few weeks.  I am really loving the look of the loose knit or lace top with the slim bottoms.   I have a feeling I am going to be rocking this silhouette in fall with flats and in the real cool temps with ankle and knee boots.

The shorter hair is growing on me...I cut off about 3 inches a week or so ago, and I was not too sure if it agreed with me...  But, now I am loving the shorter cut...I can style it a bit less sleek and a bit messier...all flippy on the ends and such.  It is a bit harder to just throw up into a ponytail and i still feel that the shorter hair makes my face look fuller...but, I am damn happy I cut it!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

Worn Thursday for a day of carpool and errands.

Dress-Target/Shoes-Me Too/Jewelry-Black Sheep, Charming Charlie, JCrew, Target

I probably could have belted this dress...or even bought it a size smaller... But, lately comfort has been key.  a great flowy, airy and comfy dress for a day of running around.  

I have been in kind of a funk lately... School is over, and now I am just in a holding pattern.  Waiting to hear about jobs, waiting for the state test in September...endlessly checking my email in hopes of response on an job. I try not to obsess over the future, but find myself quietly spinning in place. Besides running errands, I am not sure what to do with my days when the boys are at camp and soon school all day.  The more time I spend alone, the more likely the voices in my head are going to remind me that I am just a mom...unemployed...and just make me sad and depressed... Having too much time to wallow in the thoughts reverberating in my skull is a dangerous thing...

Thanks for listening to me whine...I needed that!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Giant Step for Mom-kind...

Last Thursday, I graduated from the Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program.  Once I pass my state accreditation test in September, I will be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and PCT (Patient Care Tech)  I know it is only the first step to getting my RN, but I am pretty darn proud of myself! 
Please allow me to brag for a moment...not only did I graduate, I got a 97 on the written final...holy 100 question scantron Batman, a 94 in clinical (60 hours at the geriatric home), 88 on lab skills test, which I am very happy with all sums up to a 91 in the class, not to mention a perfect attendance award!  Pretty damn good for a 37 year old mom of two boys, graduate on a liberal arts college in 1998, not taken a science class since1993!! I am not bragging, but this goes a big step to proving myself to all those who thought me doing this was some sort of a joke, or a mid life crisis...suck it!! Just top off the madness, after I received my 91, I got an email about my 15 year college reunion...

So, there was a graduation ceremony, complete with flowers, cakes and was so fun to see all my classmates, who I now have become good friends with, dressed up and with their families.  My mom, dad, husband and the boys were there to support meant a lot to me!

 I styled up one of my favorite target dresses.  You know it is a important occasion when I wear wedges and eye liner.  I really like the way the eye liner looked, I might just have to wear it more often!
 My mom and I decorated the cake with my boys old Fisher Price doctor toys!!

Besides a certificate for perfect attendance, I was bestowed with an award for the "blingy-est", everyone always commented on all my jewelry...especially one of my professors.  I am honored that everyone appreciated the effort I put into my look each day!

 Alex was especially excited for me!!  He keeps telling anyone that will listen that his mom is graduating to be a nurse!

I am taking the next few weeks easy...looking for a job, hopefully going on interview, getting the boys ready for school and fall sports...I am definitely looking forward to not having to rush to school every morning, but I will miss having a structure to the day and learning new and exciting things...

And today this happened and I am pretty damn excited about it...