Thursday, June 27, 2013

Little Old Men Love Me...

A little mint and olive lace for a day at school...

Balancing school, getting in my hours at the nursing home and two active boys is getting in the way of blogging and taking outfit photos...but I am trying...

I am still loving school and it is going great.  Finally working with real patients at the nursing home has reaffirmed that I made the right decision by going back to school.  My only complaint is that they keep temperature at a stuffy and humid 79 polyester scrubs and apron do not breath very well.  Nothing like taking a cute old man's blood pressure while sweating...profusely.

Looking stylish in my scrubs before my first day of clinical!!

Today is my school or clinical tomorrow...woo hoo.  I might just actually get to spend time with my husband and boys homework!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Testing 123...Testing...

Summer school days attire...

Short-Old Navy/T-shirt-LOFT/Shoes-Sam and Libby Target/Jewelry-Target, H&M, The Limited

This is a pretty typical school outfit for me.  Shorts and a tee...dressed up with some jewelry...
School still exhausting...but, I am still loving it.  I got all 4's (100%) on all my skill tests today and I am pretty darn proud of myself.  I got 1 A and 2 B+ on my written tests so far...sounds pretty good for someone who hasn't gone to school since before the turn of the century! 

Friday we start clinicals...working in a nursing home...cannot wait to get my hands on some real patients!  I feel like I "should" be nervous, but I am just so darn excited to apply the skills I have been taught. 

Back to the books...currently studying the digestive system...yum!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Is It Friday or Free-day?

 Dress-Tucker for Target/Vest-Old Navy/Shoes-Sam and Libby for Target/Jewelry-Vince Camuto/House of Gemmes/H&M

This Friday was the last free day that I have until mid August.  Next Friday I start my nursing clinicals and the days just get crazier from there.  So I spent the day running errands and catching up on the crap on my to do list.  I am throwing my husband a 40th birthday party next weekend so I also had many party chores.  I finished about 70 percent of the stuff that needed to get done...a definite success in my book!

Since I cannot wear short dresses to school or work, my few days off are all styled up...short dresses and tons of jewelry.  This dress is an oldie but a goodie...the Tucker for Target line was one of my favorites.  This vest is about 2 years old...for some reason I have always had trouble figuring out what to wear with it.  A few months ago I decided to get crafty and add stud detailing on the pockets...I love how it turned out.  Since it was a bit cool this morning, I thought it would be a perfect time to take the vest out for a test drive.  I really like the way it looks and I think it is going to be perfect on cool summer days over dresses and even with shorts and a t-shirt for school!

My boys have been very photogenic lately...

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Doctor Is Out...

School is kicking my ass...studying, homework, backpacks...

Dress-Old Navy/Denim shirt-Gap/Sandals-Sam & Libby Target/Backpack-Herschel via Madewell

This is kind of overdressed for school, but I knew the morning would be spent in a lecture with the afternoon practicing getting vital stats...the tank dress worked well for wearing the blood pressure cuff!  The lab room, where I spend at least 3 hours per day is hot.  Plus,  I spend a good portion of it bent over a bed or running around.  The rest of the time I am in a lecture room furiously taking notes.  Shorts and a t-shirt are just a necessity.  Also, jewelry is a liability...taking gloves on and off and washing hands double digit times per day make it a pain to wear rings and bracelets, plus large necklaces just seen to get in the way when helping patients out of bed.  So, small earrings and necklaces will be worn ton this summer.  The home that I will be working in, beginning next Friday, insists that we only wear stud earrings, no other jewelry and naked nails.  So add insult to injury, I am restricted to white leather shoes, maroon scrubs and a blue smock.  
I still plan to show my style through funky sandals and patterned shorts for the classroom.

Since I have to carry a 700 page text book, lab book, notebook, tons of papers and a lunch, I needed a sturdy backpack to lug all my stuff around.  This Herschel backpack is wonderful.  I bought this one at Madewell on sale, but they are sold in all colors all over the internet...I highly recommend the brand I never thought I would enjoy carrying a backpack...but I totally do now!!

Off to study the cardiovascular system...ahhh!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Target can do no wrong.  Now that my Target is a Super Target, there is just no need to go anywhere else.  Grocery shopping has become dangerous with all the other wonderful things I can find there.

One of my favorite scores is this skirt...pure stretch, cotton comfort...styled two ways...

Just easy style for a day of running around with the sparkly sweatshirt and casual skirt combo.

All styled up for a study group at the library.  This skirt is even more comfy for shorts for a day of  school in the summer heat!